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A Full-Packed Media Entertainment at the Gables Cherry Creek Movie Theater

The Gables Cherry Creek Theater Room makes for a special movie entertainment that combines the visual quality and sound of a large movie house and the coziness of a home-based ambience.

One need not slip out of the apartment facility to watch a good movie. Right inside the Gables Residential complex is the Theater Room. Guests can watch their favorite movies or the latest ones at their own request and at low rates during regular times of the day or night.

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No rush. Move at a leisurely pace as you walk towards the theater room from your own apartment. In just a few minutes you’re there and ready to watch an action film like “Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice,” an I MAX 3D experience.

Enjoy the thrill of watching a movie at the theater room’s latest Air-screen Nano, a 5 by 10 feet high definition projector screen, in an elegantly designed cool movie room with a seating capacity of about ten people. Tag along your friends and loved ones. Recharge your mind.

The visible generous space in relation to the functional, comfortable and attractive seats is integrated into the total media room design. The contrasting colors of walls and other appointments in the theater room also attract the guests and make them feel at home. The theater room can also be used as an audio-visual room or multimedia facility for special meetings of families and organizations that would want to highlight topics through films or documentary videos.

Enjoy the comfortable and the sophisticated feel of the specially designed movie seats inside the spacious room in complete privacy. You own the space and the facility while watching a movie. Through online services, guests can also order lights snacks or drinks to be sent inside the theater room to spice up the excitement and fun of watching the film. Pretty cool! It’s a total entertainment package that includes movie, meals and fun.

Watching a movie inside the theater room can open up new positive experiences for customers or residents of all ages, and meet their personal goals within the warm confines of the Gables Cherry Creek Apartment facilities. The media room is a smoke-free, environmental-friendly and pet-friendly entertainment area.

After watching the movie, customers could also enjoy the other amenities like the Game Room, a 24-hour Fitness Center with Yoga, Theater Room, an outdoor kitchen at the rooftop deck aside from luxury living inside the apartment equipped with stainless steel appliances like dishwasher, microwave, washing machine, including a wine refrigerator, soaking tubs, and a faux wood floor.

Overall, education, business and corporate people will find the uniquely designed and spacious areas of the apartment as well as its Theater Room and other function rooms useful for the conduct of small group business meetings, educational workshops, media-oriented focused group discussions and planning meetings. The Gables Cherry Creek Apartment can truly increase the creativity and productivity of working individuals and groups.

The Theater Room can also present viewings of standard movies at fixed schedules in the afternoon and evening if there are no special private requests. You can visit site :

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